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All children are loved and desired. But I feel normal only when everyone is at home, and everyone is asleep. The worst thing is leaving / leaving somewhere with the whole family. It’s a circus on the dart, a madhouse on the road! We need to make sure that everyone ate, drank, pissed, pokakali. So that in time it was possible to organize food, a toilet, a dream, well, an unpredictable babe – food, diapers, regurgitated, prescribed, decided to play. A lot of bags, with food, diapers, changing clothes, umbrellas, chairs, shoulder blades, soap bubbles, wet napkins. . and ad infinitum.

I notice that lately I do not want to wake up so much. because at 7-00 the morning begins on the collective farm – and a carousel rushed.

How to learn how to get pleasure from having many children? Or at least not to regret that I gave them?

Still introductory, to children 6, 3 and grudnichok. I calm, freaky, yell rarely, children are normal, obedient, not capricious. The husband is at work, after work, he will put up a corpse.

The main thing is to remember that all these are transitory states, and of course give yourself a rest! Do not throw your chest at the embrasure for every problem, sometimes just give up, let yourself somehow rake. Maybe reduce the number of trips that you depress, and stay at home. Give yourself an extra hour to sleep, just walk, be alone, and just remember that ideal moms do not happen in principle.

Well and yes, when babies are the most difficult, in fact you have six years without breaks and holidays. Further it will be easier. 🙂

Third - hikes and trips. You have things - Here's a backpack, pull yourself. Hands are dirty - why are you bothering your mom? You have wet wipes in your pocket, wipe it off. Do you want to drink - why are you jerking your mom? Your bottle of juice is with you. Unless I will help to open. Hungry - do not pull my mother, get the cookies. I fell down, I scratched my knees - here's your fleece and peroxide, sorry - I'll regret it, but I'll rub myself. And so in everything. In the toilet, turn on the light, do not grow up - put on a highchair. I really want fruit - get it, wash it, eat it, share it with others.

The one-and-a-half-year-old does not know how to do all this - the elders do all this for her, and at what they do with pleasure, with such serious, responsible kind!

It would seem that in this case it is necessary to explain, show, tell, teach - and there are no netbooks. The elders know that if they turn to me with a request, and I stubbornly remain silent and do not even turn, singing under their breath, then they can do it themselves and further requests are meaningless. Another thing is to do something that they can not do or can not do because of their age.

Nobody has yet taken offense at my intransigence, on the contrary, they even like it, apparently they feel themselves as adults.

I have enough to do, except to run after them and watch - a person from the underworld must learn to watch for himself, and not wait for his mom to put porridge in a bowl.

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