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5 ways to make friends with your car

5 ways to make children with your car

5 ways to make friends with your car

Every man knows – to run a wife, children and mother-in-law into the car is extremely undesirable.

Because in our hellish age of consumer technology, the car is a substitute for many medieval male fun. A kind of outlet, a cozy world in which everything is arranged as you want, and no one asks you why this crap lies here, and why this piece of equipment sticks out from here.

It is worth run a wife into the car, as she immediately wipe away the age-old dust from the dashboard (and there was recorded the phone number of the SRT), hooks on the dashboard the air fragrance (sea breeze, how else), pushes into the glove compartment all sorts of nonsense like wet napkins.

Well, children are generally something with something.

To begin with, the two child seats at the back immediately turn any car into a tight cage. And not much of what baggage can withstand intervention in the form of a baby stroller with a pair of trunks of suitcases, as well as a bag of toys when you leave for only a couple of days.

Literally for a couple of minutes your favorite child turns from a muscular, handsome man with 300 horses under the hood to a dull mule, which is trudging (dear, do not break up, children are with us) in the right row, I do not want to be loaded.