Главная 7 30th week of pregnancy – all about pregnancy in the thirtieth week

30th week of pregnancy – all about pregnancy in the thirtieth week

30th week of pregnancy

30th week of pregnancy - all about pregnancy in the thirtieth week

At 30 week of pregnancy the future mother needs to monitor the secretions and prevent constipation. What will be 30th week of pregnancy, we will tell in our material.

The course of pregnancy at 30 weeks

The first week of the decree the eighth month of pregnancy and the opportunity to finally sleep, lie down, as long as you want, in bed and do not hurry. However, and with this seemingly so natural desire, there can be difficulties.

Increased abdomen prevents a pregnant woman from choosing comfortable pose for sleeping and have a good night’s sleep. Because of a disturbed sleep, the future mother may feel worse, a feeling of weakness and irritability, as well as absent-mindedness.

At the 30th week of pregnancy it is not recommended to sleep on the back, since in this position the uterus compresses the lower vena cava, which disrupts the blood circulation, both in the future mother and in the baby. The most optimal position for sleep is now a dream on the left side. It will be even more convenient if you slightly bend your knees and put a small pillow between them.

From the 30th week of pregnancy to visit women's consultation will need more often, now a visit to the gynecologist is applied once in two weeks. This is done so that the doctor can fully control the normal course of pregnancy, exclude the threat of premature birth and malformations in the development of the fetus.

So this week the expectant mother can send a smear to the flora, blood tests for HIV and Rh factor. Also, if this did not happen last week, it would be necessary to pass a routine urine test to monitor the kidneys and urinary system as a whole.

At the 30th week of pregnancy, the doctor, as usual, will measure the pressure of the expectant mother, the circumference of her abdomen, the height of the uterus, listen to the fetal heartbeat and determine its position.

With the access to the decree, the future mother can start actively engaged in home improvement to the appearance of the baby. After all, often, if the family is expected to replenish, the question arises of expanding the existing living space, moving or repairing. After the addition in the family requires new housing conditions: at least buying new furniture, additional square meters to install the stroller. What can you do in the future for a future mother?

Of course, the choice of new beautiful and necessary for the toddler of things will raise a pregnant woman's mood and cause positive emotions. If the state of health does not allow you to personally deal with the purchase process, the Internet will be useful. In online stores now the choice is not worse, and often better than in retail stores, and there is also a home delivery.