Главная 7 29th week of pregnancy – all about pregnancy at the twenty-ninth week of pregnancy

29th week of pregnancy – all about pregnancy at the twenty-ninth week of pregnancy

29th week of pregnancy

29th week of pregnancy - all about pregnancy at the twenty-ninth week of pregnancy

The future mum should finish all business at work, after all 29 week of pregnancy – the beginning of the decree. About what else will be significant in this period, we will discuss in more detail in our article.

The course of pregnancy at the 29th week

The female organism is an ideal cradle for a new life, because even the lumbar vertebrae in women have a wedge shape, thanks to which, when necessary, the body of the future mother can be fed forward. Of course, the growing abdomen shifts the center of gravity down by 3-5 cm, which is why painful sensations are associated with pregnancy. Increased secretion of progesterone provokes swelling in the roots of the vertebral canal of the spinal cord, resulting in aching backache.

Also, unpleasant sensations are caused by stretching the ligaments, helping to exclude additional loads on the spine can be strengthened by the muscles of the back. And for this, pregnancy should be dynamic: daily walks in the fresh air, frequent changes in body positions, yoga for pregnant women or swimming pool exercises.

What happens at the twenty-ninth week of pregnancy

29 week of pregnancy the last working week of the future mother. There are very few left, and you can devote yourself completely to taking care of your health and preparing for a meeting with the baby.

The presence of the proper amount of calcium is an excellent prevention of miscarriages and premature birth, and also contributes to a lower blood loss during delivery.

In pregnancy, you need to consume about 1.5 g. Of calcium per day, taking into account the fact that every day it is excreted from the body, for example, with urine, and a fifth of this amount goes to the development of the baby. The need for calcium is compensated if the expectant mother will eat 150 grams of curd per day, and doctors insist that sweet curd dishes do more good than salted.

During pregnancy highlighting from the vagina this is a kind of physiological sign. However, it is not dangerous only if the discharge is bright, without a sharp odor and not very abundant. In the event that the amount of excreta has increased, they become curdled or mucous, they have a sharp smell that can be a sign of infection of the genital tract.

Bloody discharge from the genital tract, regardless of their nature (minor, moderate or heavy) and abdominal pain, may be a sign of presentation or abruption of the placenta. In case of bloody discharge it is necessary to immediately seek help from a doctor.

Pay attention to the fact that there are no signs premature release of amniotic fluid. Most of the water leaks, if the future mother takes a recumbent position. If, after the pregnant woman has risen, she senses liquid watery discharge from the genital tract, you should also seek medical help.