Главная 7 24th week of pregnancy – all about pregnancy on the twenty-fourth week

24th week of pregnancy – all about pregnancy on the twenty-fourth week

24th week of pregnancy

24th week of pregnancy - all about pregnancy on the twenty-fourth week

On 23 week of pregnancy the future mother is important to avoid excessive weight gain and swelling. About what happens in the body of a future mother and how the baby develops on 24th week of pregnancy, we will tell in our article.

The course of pregnancy at 24 weeks

At the 24th week of pregnancy, the expectant mother needs to closely monitor her health, both from a medical and a psychological point of view. Experts say that adrenaline attacks can cause serious harm to the child, so during pregnancy, the future mother should understand what is really important for her and try not to spend her nerve cells on trifles.

As well as regular medical examinations and tests are invented by doctors not from harm. All these measures are necessary so as not to miss a possible health problem, because even an elementary thrush can be dangerous, therefore, the sooner a pregnant woman begins to treat any illness, the better.

In connection with the increased abdomen of the future mother may arise problems with sleeping at 24 weeks gestation. Heartburn or cramps in the legs in the second half of pregnancy can often bring discomfort. Improve the condition can airing the bedroom for the night, and also comfortably arranged will help the pillow between the legs and under the belly. With cramps, you can massage your ankles with wheat germ oil or grape seeds, and from heartburn you will be rid of lemon tea with chamomile or mint.

Sometimes Amniotic waters leak, If the future mother suspects herself of such a symptom, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Most often, leakage can be determined by taking a swab from the vagina for the presence of amniotic fluid. If leakage is diagnosed before the 34th week, doctors will do their best to prolong the pregnancy.

If the future mother did not Ultrasound at the 22-23th week of pregnancy, it can be done now, at 24 weeks. At this gestation period, fetometry is carried out to measure the size of the fetus. The circumference of the head, abdomen, and limb lengths are measured, which makes it possible to determine the fit of the fetus to the expected duration of pregnancy. Also, the future baby has reached a sufficient size to determine with the help of ultrasound the presence of his developmental defects. For this, the structure of the child's organs of the heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, bladder and adrenal glands is studied.

Also on the sixth month of pregnancy on ultrasound it is necessary to estimate amniotic fluid. Increase or decrease in their quantity or presence of impurities in them may indicate abnormalities during pregnancy.

Of great importance is the study of the placenta, because with its help blood supply and nutrition of the fetus occurs. Ultrasound can determine abnormalities of the placenta's position and development. So, the placenta will burn too low in relation to the cervix, blocking the exit from the uterine cavity during childbirth. Disruption of the development of the placenta may be manifested by increasing or decreasing its thickness.