Главная 7 22 week of pregnancy – all about pregnancy at week 22

22 week of pregnancy – all about pregnancy at week 22

22nd week of pregnancy

22 week of pregnancy - all about pregnancy at week 22

On 21 week of pregnancy the future mother feels the first movements of the baby, and the tides alternate with fatigue. How will 22 week of pregnancy, how the kid will behave, and on what at this time it is necessary to pay attention to the future mother, read in our article.

The course of pregnancy at week 22

At the 22nd week of pregnancy the baby commits up to two hundred movements a day. Of course, the future mother can not feel them all, but if the baby makes itself felt by very frequent jolts, it is worth paying attention to and informing the doctor, perhaps the baby does not have enough oxygen. Also, the baby’s impetus tells the mother that he does not like how she sits or lies, and also the noise or loud music confuses him.

Future moms should remember that prenatal (prenatal) experience is stored in the memory of the baby and affects his entire subsequent life. And most of all, the emotional world of Mom influences him: the crumb hears external signals passed through her body, senses and psyche. Therefore, it is worthwhile to begin work on the psychological development and shaping the personality of the baby in the womb, creating a positive environment and reacting to everything with a plus sign.

The baby continues to grow hair on his head, eyebrows are better. However, the pigment that sets the hair color, melanin, will appear later. Some children, especially Afro- and Hispanic people, have their hair nimbus floating around their heads. The weight of the child is 460 g, height 19-20 cm.

The weakness and drowsiness inherent in pregnancy are not always harmless signs of this unique female condition. They are also symptoms hypotension lowering blood pressure.

If the expectant mother also feels short of breath while walking, ringing in the ears and often experiencing dizziness, it is necessary to see a doctor for diagnosis.

Of course, the indices of arterial pressure are highly individual, but one must know their own norm even before pregnancy, in order to understand whether any deviations have arisen or not.

Increased pressure is called hypertension, and it, as well as hypotension, can cause as at mum, and at the future kid such complications as a headache, a nausea, failure in job of kidneys.

Pressure will be measured at every visit to the women's consultation, starting from the first time, so that you can follow the dynamics. To sound an alarm it is necessary if the upper figures are higher than usual by 25 mm Hg or more, and the lower ones are higher by 15 mm Hg and more.