Главная 7 10 useful tips for grandmothers: that they do not dare say moms

10 useful tips for grandmothers: that they do not dare say moms

10 useful tips for grandmothers: that they do not dare say moms

10 useful tips for grandmothers: that they do not dare say moms

Those happy young mothers who managed to attract grandmothers to raise their children understand that their help is invaluable.

Especially such support saves working parents, because to whom except grandmothers we can safely hand over their favorite child and run away to a meeting. Who will insure and stay at home if the baby is suddenly unwell?

Who will entertain grandchildren with reading, walk around in the park or tell the kids an amazing story about the hungry army of health that lives in their tummies, motivating them to eat better? Who will happily accept the children on vacation or stay with them in the summer at the cottage? Of course, our dear mothers and the most wonderful grandmothers in the world!

However, in each barrel of honey there is a fly in the ointment. Our grandmothers his view on the education of his grandchildren, which can be a little or much (here as lucky), differ from ours.

Today we have gathered with the spirit, and we want to tell our mothers everything that they thought about for a long time, but kept silent so as not to offend them.

Put a sign of equality between the words of grandmother and food, you can not pokriviv soul. Grandmother will always feed tasty, fresh, with love and with all the heart.

However (checked by personal experience), even the most skeptical grandmother is ready, albeit with a fight, but to assess the need for pampers, the convenience of the sling and the backpack-carrying, and also realizing what helps her daughter cushion for feeding.

Modern children's toys cause you a light shock? Yes, we ourselves were a little dumbfounded when we saw a new collection of monsters or aliens on the shelves of toy shops.

However, children like this horror, and do not criticize them. Better not forget to tell and show them other toys, read books together, draw and create figures from improvised materials. You are very good at it, are not you?

Movement is life, and if this statement is difficult to support in 60, then at the age of 1-3-7 years it is true for all 200%. Of course, it is much more difficult to follow the grandson-egoza, but this does not mean that all his movements should be limited to strict cries and deterrations.

Lovely grandmothers, yes, your children were not so, yes, they were much calmer, and could spend hours silently messing around in the corner. But the dynamic became not only our kids all life around is much more active, noticed? And your grandchildren are just her reflection.

therefore let the child run and jump, as much as he pleases, the most important thing is to remove from his field of activity everything that can break and that he can get hurt. In the rest, give the child freedom and relax with a clean soul.

Adults in the house must be at the same time, Only then can they succeed. If the mother tells the child one thing, and the grandmother openly thinks all this is just nonsense, there will be no order.

The task of grandmothers maintain the authority of parents, explaining to grandchildren those important moments that, perhaps because of their employment, parents missed. Do you want to see grandchildren happy, healthy and successful? Then play in the same team!

10 useful tips for grandmothers: that they do not dare say moms

Do not talk about what your daughter or sister-in-law should or should not do. If you come from work, she wants to sit down and rest it's her right. She should not stand day and night at the stove, constantly wash dishes or wash by hand. Sometimes you can use the assortment from the gastronomic departments of the supermarket, and the washing and dishwashers perfectly help in the management of the farm. By the way, this is also a very economical device, you did not know?

The mother of your grandchildren believes that her husband does not give enough time to their upbringing? This is her right, because you do not seriously think that the task of a man is only to bring money to a house? And to feed, walk, educate, check lessons and develop is the work of the mother.